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This package allows you to access the Metapsy meta-analytic psychotherapy databases in R. To install the metapsyData package, use the following code:

if (!require("devtools"))

The metapsyData package allows to access the Metapsy meta-analytic psychotherapy databases directly in your R environment. Once installed, simply use the getData function and insert the database shorthand to save the data locally. The documentation of the package is also hosted by

To search for available databases in metapsyData and their shorthands, run the listData() function. All databases included in metapsyData come with an extensive documentation entry on

Databases loaded into the R environment can directly be analyzed using functions of the metapsyTools package.

Usage Example

# List all available databases

# Get latest version of the 'inpatients' database
d <- getData("depression-inpatients")

# Show variable description

# Open online documentation

# Analyze using metapsyTools